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5 Anime MMORPGs You Should Try Going Into 2020!

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⌖ We’re at an unusual point in the MMO genre right now. We have Kickstarter funded MMOs caving on promises they made, devs scamming players, games shutting down.. yet the future still seems to show promise.
Everyone watching this is – or at the very least should be a fan of Anime. I am – I’ve been watching Anime since I was a kid. I grew up with it and Anime-inspired JRPGs like the Tales of and Star Ocean games.
Then I transitioned to Anime MMOs like Tales of Pirates, Mabinogi and FlyFF.
I played Anime MMORPGs back during the golden age of the genre – back when there were literally new games coming out every other month.
But with so many devs pushing out the same kinda game with minor differences, the genre became oversaturated, the quality of releases declined significantly, and the Anime genre pretty much imploded in on itself.
And here we are, at the end of 2019, wondering what games we have left. Wondering what games are even worth investing time into.
That’s where I come in – I’m here to tell you that there are still a few left. A few good ones. A few that have stood the test of time. So take a breath, sit back and let’s talk about them.

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⌖ MMORPGs in this list:
⌖ Phantasy Star Online 2
⌖ Dungeon Fighter Online
⌖ Mabinogi
⌖ Tree of Savior
⌖ FlyFF

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  1. What is the name of the game he has during his intro

  2. what kind of mmo is that in the beginning that means from minute 0 to 1.25?

  3. What is that game in the intro??? Pls tell me someone.

  4. What game in the begin of the video?

  5. What is game name in the title of this vedio?

  6. What the name of the first game, not in the list?…

  7. I kinda wished you gave Mabinogi more credit. Everything else at least got a pitch, but Mabinogi was just like, "I wanted Peria, but since I'm sad I didn't get it, take this piece of garbage instead." Yeah, it ain't perfect. Yeah, it's kinda glitchy (which for me, gives me some of my funniest moments with the game.) but the game is so encompassing. Okay, Life skills may not be your thing, but it's someone else's. Linear game play with no deviation from the storyline might be someone else's cup of tea; Just blast through the gens. Mabinogi has a way of including all sorts of game play styles into it where if you literally just wanna hop on and fish, you can do that. There ISN'T anything else like Mabinogi currently and I feel like it shouldn't be treated as a disgusted afterthought.

  8. what about eden eternal vendetta server? Is it worth trying it still with the private server?

  9. I dont play mmorpg's as i play looter shooters and things of the like like Destimy, Destiny 2, Monster Hunter World, etc. But I have been wanting to start playing anime mmorpg's.

  10. Yow what's the name of the game in the very beginning and the end of the video. Beside pso. It's better then all the other games you mentioned in the video

  11. i remember a game like blue protocol where u can make ur character comepletely naked with just shorts (or a bra) on and you could get different classes like brawlers

  12. whats the name of the game uu were playing during intro?

  13. Im still playing trickster online and playing the private server

  14. What game are you playing in the intro and outro?

  15. I was not that impressed with PSO2, it's a good Action RPG, characters are decent, but environment graphics during instance are lazy.

  16. I can't speak for every game shown in this video but stay away from Mabinogi and Flyff, sure Mabinogi is unique but it's microtransactions are pretty bad, they have essentially taken individual microtransactions and put them in microtransaction boxes and shuffled everything to make it harder to get what you actually want and have to pay much more, Mabinogi is fun for very casual play just don't buy anything, Flyff however? that game was ruined a decade ago, no reason at all to play it a decade later, not much has changed, and the things that have changed were solely changed to make you buy more stuff with real money.

  17. I wonder which side MMOByte is on at this point, some of these games are microtransaction heavy as hell, at least recommend something decent, i mean Flyff? in 2020…really? that game died a decade ago.

  18. Do you guys have any suggestions on Anime MMORP'S like elseword or just suggest me one

  19. Full dive mmorps are gonna rule the world one day ong

  20. What game is being shown in the first minute of the video??

  21. What the game in the background when the video starts?

  22. what’s the game ur previewing in the beginning of the video

  23. This is bad, my friend can't play first game of this video.

  24. Hola alguien sabe cual es el juego que juegan en neto no yome creo que es legendary age pero no lo encuentro :/

  25. Dude, stop only showing us only game trailers and show us gameplay. Yeeezz

  26. What's the name of the game in the intro and outro

  27. holy crap, how is flyff still around? and damn does it look different.
    Haven't played ToS, but I really ought to. RO is really hard to succeed

  28. Just waiting for a game like Solo leveling

  29. Are these free to play?And also can anyone tell me which is the best MMORPG free to play for PC?

  30. I just really like that whole leveling your party finding collections and pvp vibe ya feel me what are some like megami or mabi or even just pokemon games like that 🤓

  31. found this video today and im taking it as a sign to download pso2 on steam since its the release date

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