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[4K] Shoujo City 3D release trailer (anime game 2020)

Shoujo City
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Shoujo City 3D is a yuri dating simulator game set in virtual 3D Tokyo and focused on anime and otaku culture.

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  1. Can you not have a premium because I can't explore anymore pleaseeee I need……

  2. Hi, can you please make the maid cafe part time job easier? Example, maybe put 2 customers first, after one of them leaves, add another one, after another one leaves, add another customer again and repeat that steps until the part time job is over. Because i can't serve many customers that fast. It really triggers me.

  3. Can you open the Shop in Akihabara Like Mango Books,Nichi,Solmap and more? Please!!

  4. Excuse me can you please the fill in the two blank spots in the the inventory where close go 😊

  5. very nice! I can do what I want right in this game! I hope the premium places can be violent 🙂

  6. なんでどこにでもいけないの?なんで?どうして?お金かかるんだけど😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  7. I have some ideas tho, couldn't you at least make the map Adventurous? I mean in the first map there are only a few places we could visit and the other part of the map we can't go in.. And there should be more people and places.. Just some idea I think everyone would agree on.. Please read our ideas and it's good to update the game a little more.. Maybe even add more clothes or make a pet store.. Just like yandere simulator and add more figures or make the apartment more spacious or even visit the NPC houses/apartments.just at least do some of the ideas I suggested. The game is the best and I love the graphics but I feel like the game needs a little more touch in it.

  8. I love Shoujo City!
    But can you add more clothes? Appearance and more people?
    The game is really good but plz add more things soon!🥺❤

  9. I have a question … ¿what programs did they use to create this game?

  10. I play it it was lagging so bad

    Play the normal one for 4 hours then it was lagging so hard (;-;)

  11. Win the game with elke the truth love story mode finish it in 1 day uwu

  12. I barely realized that the game was inspired by sakura Trick XD

    But I've ever wondered if I thought about making a yaoi game?

  13. Soooo…in the future…is there gonna be any update for the players to be able to choose between playing as a boy or a girl, just like the previous 2d shoujo city?

  14. This is the best game i had ever played i can do a lot of things there!🤩😍❤️

  15. I love dead game i love it so much

  16. Did you guys get rid of the height change 😞

  17. I try out the demo game is really great! Love the game design!

  18. When i go inside the school it lags….QwQ

  19. We need A boy Main Because I Want My Weeb Bro's Play This game 😂

  20. the only thing missing from the game is yaoi it is better to get an update on that

  21. the only thing missing from the game is yaoi it is better to get an update on that

  22. Um hi shoujo city, I want to an mini update ( 1 things) can you add the single mod, so I don't have a girlfriend like story mod but I don't have a mission to get a girlfriend, please add it..

  23. I-
    Can you please update it so that you can be a boy or a girl and your partner can be a boy or a girl as well

  24. I think there's something wrong with story mode, when Kyoko asked me she wanted an ice cream, I gave her the strawberry ice cream. Then she said "Actually, that's not what I wanted." I still gave her the strawberry but she said it again. But the word "Strawberry" is in her food prefences.

  25. Why only PC that have panties??? Please make for phone (iOS and Android) too :'(

  26. Adorable, More Would It Be Possible to Make a Version of This Only Than Yaoi? It would be very cool!

    (Sorry My Bad English, I'm Brazilian)

  27. Mentira mentirosa eu tentei não deu certo

  28. This is my favorite game ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯ 💖💖

  29. Can you pls make all of the map free?
    Cus i cant purchase it all i can only purchase the shrine👁👄👁
    💧 💧

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