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25 Times the Pokémon Games Referenced the Anime!

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The Pokemon anime and games are probably the two biggest pillars of the Pokemon series, and while most of the time they both do their own separate thing, they will reference one another on occasion! In today’s video, I am going to be highlighting 25 times the Pokemon games referenced the anime, including a bunch you probably don’t know about!

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  1. Me seeeeees thumb
    Me: Well what do ya think? Topgepi began crying hardly?

  2. And I was waiting to hear that you would say all the Eeveelutions' "name trick" in Pokémon GO is a reference to the anime.

    For example, if you name your Eevee "Sakura" it will evolve into an Espeon, which is a reference to the Espeon trainer, Sakura. Also, one of Sakura's sister is named Tamao, and that's also a reference, if you name your Eevee Tamao, it'll evolve into an Umbreon. Linnea and Rea are also references.
    I'm not sure if you already mentioned that, 'cause I'm new to your channel.

  3. Arguable to say its first and foremost a merchandising series given the sales ratios?

  4. Him: Brock always gets rejected By Girls.

  5. What about in Detective Pikachu when the titular character talks to Ash's Pikachu and says "Go tell him to be the very best, like no one ever was"?

  6. Interesting that Sun & Moon just happen to be the games Ash appeared in. Keep in mind that Sun & Moon revolve around the multiverse. What if Ash is just Red from another universe?

  7. Aoi is pronounced “ow-E”, by the way!

  8. See me the way I think it's all connected is the games are literally happening almost at the same time as the anime either right before the anime, right after or somewhere right along side the anime where each in game event happens either before ash or after ash

  9. I don't know if this counts but didn't Ash' Pikechu have a little cameo in the detective pikachu game.

  10. Bruh I still need to get the let's go games at some point

  11. Togepi isn’t crying softly in the anime picture. She looks more like “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I WANT CANDY!”

  12. Sepultura is also a reference to a famous Brazilian thrash metal band from the 80s!

  13. While the ppl in games age, ash doesn't, that's bit scary if they are somehow connected

  14. I whach tha indigo leag searies so much or shuld i sey kanto
    Tomo mama kangaskan

  15. Actually Barry is a character in the DP series he appears late the design wasn’t based on Gary. There was A Barry in the DP anime. In Diamond and Pearl and Platinum on Iron Island like the Anime Riley appears.

  16. I dont really like the alolan ash he is kinda weird looking, & also other charecters whom i have seen in all regions before gen 7 i dont really like them too in alola its weirdly desinghed.

  17. You misread the ace trainer's name. It said Dana not Diana.

  18. So is dusk mane lycanroc forgotten or did the games make it first

  19. Also brock even mentions in pokemon yellow that he aspires to become a breeder instead of a trainer

  20. Cilan is It similar to my sons name my sons name is killian

  21. I thought the game dictates the anime …not the other way around

  22. Brock never actually was rejected by the girls he hit on, Misty, Croagunk and Max(🙄) always stopped him by dragging him away

  23. You should make a part 2 of this. I like watching these references. It's really fun to watch.

  24. No one's gonna talk about munchingorange's Pokemon X and y playthrough clips

  25. Actually you said aoi correctly and aoi means blue in japan

  26. I don’t see it as the anime being referenced in older games, I see it as more of the games being the base and the anime being true to what’s already canon. Since the games came first, and the anime has things from the games in them. Older games being remade, like Let’s Go, most likely have references though, since the Kanto games and Kanto region in the anime were already out. Like the thing with Misty’s sisters? That was an awesome reference!

  27. I thought that shigeru thing was about shigeru miyamoto who created Mario and helped make Pokémon red and green

  28. I don't think some of these are referring the anima but just a coincidence

  29. 7:25 What about that guy with a scizor which fought with herracross?

  30. this might not count but in smash ultimate one of the pokemon trainer skins is ash

  31. Next to the female jr trainer is a male jr trainer w/a weepinbell which also references that episode

  32. how is butterfree a reference??? ur pulling at strings here

  33. 🍉 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓇𝓎𝒴𝑒𝓈𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓇𝓎 🍉 says:

    Fun fact: Some people pronounce it as "Pokeimon" but they type it as "Pokèmon"
    And some other people do it the other way.

  34. isn't a lot of this not actually references cause you know the games come out first.

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