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10 Anime That Need Games (Or at Least New Ones)

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From anime that have never had any games released in North America, to ones that have, but quite honestly deserve something much better, these are our picks for the top 10 anime that need games (or at least new ones).



  1. My hero academia a free roaming game

  2. Tell me how could CowBoy Bepop get a game. I mean be logical sometimes. I would rather have a fairy tail or full metal alchemist there

  3. There is a Cowboy Bebop Game but it's for PS2 and Japan only (and no fan translation) 🙁

  4. Anyone here think HunterXHunter in the GREED arc would make a great game?

  5. Devilman needs a resurrection in gaming again. Whether in a full game of its own or dlc in a anime fighting game. Either would be sick to see.

  6. Great list! I've always felt a cyberconnect2 Bleach game would be dope. But, now that I think about it.. Arksys would be a better fit. Either way though Bleach games never quite captured the best aspects of the series~

  7. A new Baki game made in the style of that old Garouden fighting game would be litty as hell. Kengan Ashura needs a fighter too, but whoever makes it needs to be able to recreate those epic shots of the manga.

    Inuyasha could maybe use a musou/dynasty warriors style game. Lot of the Inuyasha games are either RPGs or fighters.

    Also a Cowboy Bebop game should play like Sleeping Dogs not Yakuza.

  8. if you want a vinland saga game just get AC valhala

  9. Haha anime games are too risky and they don't sell well to warrant a high budget

  10. You morons are too demanding, no publisher is gonna invest in a high budget anime game because it's too risky and they don't do AAA numbers.

  11. Cyberconnect 2 isn't even close to being the best

  12. If anyone is making a one piece game, please make it a free roam, where u can gather your own crew and there are specific things u need to do in order to gather them and u can go adventuring from Island to island and explore new places or even just the places already in the manga, but i am pretty sure a game like this would atleast take 10 years to make so i guess its never going to happen

  13. A Black Lagoon game sounds badass.

    I would've loved to play a third-person shooter/action game as Revy.

  14. I think a Black Lagoon video game does sound interesting.

    There aren't that many anime games that feature gun-centric combat.

  15. Fire Force could have a fun game. Maybe something similar to DBZ Kakarot in being semi open world… Idk man I just wanna fly around as Shinra

  16. Animes that need games done by other people other than Bandai.

  17. Funimation Dub Vinland Saga first before making a game for it

  18. please just one anime game that isn’t rushed!!

  19. JoJo REALLY needs a fighting game done by Arc. Systems.

  20. Hunter x Hunter's greed island arc itself deserves to be made into a quality game.

  21. Why would you put demon slayer on here if they if they have 2 in the works and 1 that you noted

  22. Vinland Saga: Open world recreation
    Black Lagoon: Action Adventure RPG
    Hajime: Either 2D or Tekken like fighter
    Evangelion: it’s just a gundam game

  23. Given the record of how hollow anime games have been no thanks lol. Few become Naruto and most end up like One Piece games

  24. I think Tokyo ghoul needs a great game and I would make it a open world r a first person game

  25. Berserk has a really old game, but it would be amazing if it got the Witcher 3 or Dark Souls treatment

    It's a no brainer considering how well those games depict monster hunting and dark atmospheres

  26. HxH more than deserves a PS4 game. Fighting or Action adventure would be nice enough

  27. Jump stars ultimate Fighterz would be hype

  28. Massive open world (galaxy) single player /co-op space adventure in the cowboy bebop universe where you get your own crew and do bounty hunter missions and your spaceship is customizable and serves as a HQ hub etc.

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