🔥The New Anime Cross Over Game On Roblox Is Finally Here! - animegamematome.tokyo

🔥The New Anime Cross Over Game On Roblox Is Finally Here!

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Today I hop on the new anime cross over game called anime warriors!

Game Link: ?

Help me reach my goal of 200k subs by hitting that sub button! 🙂


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  1. A dev gave me minato and i summoned urahara in one day

  2. But anime cross over 2 is better u should try it

  3. I fell like this game is gonna die pretty fast like anime mania

  4. They are literally torturing the bosses lol.

  5. Broly is officially the best ultimate unit his dmg is too op and btw click on those shiny things to pick them up they are called artifacts they buff ur characters

  6. pls bring back old intro with the vaundy song

  7. Gobfucking summon saiyan rush since theres no legendary ur gonna get broly then

  8. The graphics of this game is crazy but the pity system is the thing i hate the most
    Anyways nice video Mr.Goat

  9. Im sad i wanted mihawk in anime mashup but got the broly instead

  10. Bro Noclypso are you ever going back to Anime Fighters?

  11. Remember me? The guy who said he loves you on the discord server?

  12. Just saying they should add a six star for naruto like uhhh, six paths naruto Minato chakra mode or sa suke rinnegan six paths I’d enjoy that

  13. wait what noclypso has 161k subs last time i watch him he had 900k subs

  14. Just saying mihawk and the bleach guy are 6* and minatos 5*

  15. Lol those guys were so excited like little kids when they get toys for chirstmas

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