🌅 Top 5 New FREE TO PLAY Anime Games 2020 | SKYLENT - animegamematome.tokyo

🌅 Top 5 New FREE TO PLAY Anime Games 2020 | SKYLENT

Skylent Games
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Free anime games, anime for free, free to play anime games. I found 5 games that look way too good not to share and stay shushed. Keep the hype alive! btw hype for “Tower of God”?

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  1. so annoying half of these games arent even out dont lie please

  2. Genshin impact is out already its not one xbox tho 😔

  3. I would say Genshin Impact is more than a breath of the wild clone. The game has its own amazing features that are insanely different from it, the games system and overall how its played is quite different. I would only say Genshin Impact took inspiration from breath of the wild. Because Genshin Impact is the best game I have ever played.

  4. Can you give me the link for blue protocol

  5. Honkai Impact 3 2016
    Genshin Impact its honkai impact open World game, both created By mihoyo

    Breath Of The wild 2017

  6. *when ur computer dosen't have enough storage for genshin impact*

  7. Am I the only one who likes games but not when it consists of a lot of fighting…..

  8. The REAL clone to the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is the Immortal Fenyx Rising shit =)

  9. I want a game like seven deadly sins BUTTTT u can actually fight like moved around and do ur own stuff

  10. Who knew that genshin would win two game of the year awards and make it to the International stage

  11. the butttttt bow down the holy buttttttttt or you well get butted soo bow downnnnnn

  12. i love genshin impact ..minecraft working in 30 fps and genshin impact in 70 =]

  13. Does any one know where Nikke the goddess of victory and Blue protocol downloads are

  14. 1:51
    me:seems like a good game
    other people:anime butt go brrrrrr

  15. Best of all gonna be Genshin Impact, the map is incredibly amazing, it is more lighter and animated than other. And the fact I love Genshin is their story is truly amazinggg

  16. Theres an anime game, persona 5,, tho it's only available on ps3 and 4

  17. my biggest flex is that i have rlly pog anime girl thighs and i have had multiple people agree with me on it

  18. Got released in 2020

    PS Players in 2021: bruh

  19. not on steam though are they not on pc

  20. The interface for phantasy star online 2 is confusing as hell and I cannot understand what most of the consumables are for

  21. basically:
    5-the goddess of victory. 4-Genshin impact. 3-Phantasy star online 2. 2-Gran saga. 1- Blue protocol

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